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About Us

Alonissos Triton Dive Center in Alonissos, Greece is the leading scuba diving center in this region.  Whether you would like to take your first breath underwater or are a seasoned diver looking to go into the blue while on holiday; we will arrange the perfect diving holiday for you.

Our Dive Team

Our dive team instructors are fully qualified to teach PADI courses for all levels.  They are an enthusiastic team who will  make sure you’ll have a great diving experience!  They believe in having as much fun on land as they do underwater!!

Dive Sites

Dive Sites on Alonissos are plentiful!!  Found in the center of the National Marine Park, the island is a haven for marine life as the area has been protected for many years.  Our dive sites are located around Alonissos as well as the surrounding deserted islands and will definitely be an experience to remember!!

National Marine Park

Live the experience of a lifetime diving in The National Marine Park of Alonissos!!!  The largest Marine Park in Europe and the only one in Greece!!  Alonnisos – a haven for pirates and on the crossroads of ancient merchant paths – the reason why there are numerous shipwrecks under the crystal clear waters.

Come Dive With Us "The Parthenon of Shipwrecks"

A site to behold!  Come dive the oldest accessible shipwreck in the world from 450 BC with over 4000 Amphoras to see!  It will take your breath away!

Free Diving

Freediving is about inward power, discipline and control. If you’ve always wanted to enter the underwater world quietly, staying as long as your breath allows, but always within the safety limits then free diving is for you!

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