How To Get To Alonissos

Alonissos may be a little more difficult to reach than other more “popular” or well known Greek islands…. but we guarantee that it is well worth the effort when you get here!!

***Please note that ferry/catamaran schedules for the summer season are usually posted and confirmed in April***

*******All ferry/catamaran schedules can be found on the Open Seas website*******

There are several ways to reach Alonissos depending on your starting point.  How to get to Alonissos…..

From Athens:

1)  Internal flight from Athens airport to Skiathos – for schedules and reservations please check  – from Skiathos you then have several choices to connect to a ferry or catamaran for your onward journey to Alonissos.

2)  Kymi is the alternative route if you’re departing from Athens. The ferry runs from mid June until mid September and information and rates can be found on

3)  Mantoudi on Evoia island also has schedules to Alonissos.  Information and bookings on

From Skiathos – there are numerous ferries and catamarans daily.  The travel time is around 3 hours by ferry and 1 1/2 hours by catamaran and just over 1 hour by flying dolphin.

From Volos – you will find several departure times daily on open seas with stops in Skiathos, Glossa (depending on vessel) and Skopelos.  Travel time by ferry is approx. 5-6 hours and by catamaran is 4 hours and 2 hours 40 minutes by flying dolphin.