Diving in the National Marine Park

Live the experience of a lifetime diving in The National Marine Park of Alonissos!!!  The largest Marine Park in Europe and the only one in Greece!!

Alonnisos – a haven for pirates and on the crossroads of ancient merchant paths – the reason why there are numerous shipwrecks under the crystal clear waters.

The official name of the Marine park is The National Marine Park of Alonissos Northern Sporades.

Alonissos, Alonnisos, Triton Dive Center, Marine Park

Zone A

PERMITTED ACTIVITIES: In areas where approaching is permitted, swimming, observation of the sea bed, amateur photography and filming are allowed. There are specific restrictions on amateur fishing. Hunting is strictly forbidden in the entire Zone A except for the island of Gioura, where it is allowed only if special permission is granted. Approach to certain islands in the zone requires special permission from the responsible authority.

Zone B

PERMITTED ACTIVITIES: The entire area of ZONE B is open to visits and there are no specific restrictions, with the exception of free camping and the lighting of fires. Swimming and walking are amongst the simplest and most interesting ways of coming in contact with the natural environment. In addition, amateur fishing is allowed according to the rules laid down in the Fisheries Code.