Triton Caverns

Triton Caverns – our dive team discovered these two remarkably splendid caverns while out searching for new and interesting sites. What they found was amazing and quite a unique experience. One is a passage (tunnel) with ample lighting that highlights all colours since it has windows to the outside. The second cavern has an entrance at a 6m depth and penetrates to 15m. Follow the dramatic coastline around along walls and through boulder fields and into a large cavern at the end of the dive. Certainly one of the most fun and geologically pretty sites we have! Of course, we keep the location secret so only Alonissos Triton Dive center knows where it is!!! Come dive with us an experience this fabulous dive!!


15 – 30 m + depending on weather

Maximum Depth: 30 m
Average Temp: 17 – 26 C
Suggested Level: Open Water
Depth of Interest: 5 – 18 m