Peristera Shipwreck

Crowned the “Parthenon of Shipwrecks” – this amazing dive will transport you in time to the end of the 5th century BC.  Lying between 19 – 28m you will experience the sensation of being in a museum!  The findings are labeled and there are signs which guide you through the route of the museum to maximize your experience.  For divers to dive the Peristera wreck they must follow the prerequisites which have been set out by the ministry. These are:

1)  the dive must be accompanied by an accredited dive center (we are accredited)

2) the diver must be Advanced open water certified or equivalent from any other recognized organization proving they are certified to dive to 30m.

3)  the diver must do a dive with the accredited dive center before the dive to check their buoyancy and techniques

4) the diver must book their Peristera dive in advance as there are specific time slots and a manifest of divers must be sent in advance to the operating body. Ideally one week before to avoid disappointment.  The maximum number of divers for each slot is 8

**We recommend Nitrox for this dive site


15 – 30 m + depending on weather

Maximum Depth: 30 m
Average Temp: 17 – 26 C
Suggested Level: Advanced Open Water + Deep Diver
Depth of Interest: 19 – 28 m
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