Our Dive Team


Alonissos, Alonnisos, Alonissos Triton Dive Center

Dias Menis

Our manager and PADI & SSI instructor – the backbone of Triton!  Without him nothing would work properly! He organizes everyone and has a wicked sense of humour! His love for diving comes across immediately.

Nationality:     Greek

Born:    1988

Speaks:       Greek, English

PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor

Emergency First Response Primary and Secondary care Instructor

SSI Advanced Open Water instructor

Specializes in:

  • Perfect Buoyancy
  • Deep Diving
  • Enriched Air Nitrox
  • Stress and Rescue
  • Boat Diving
  • Underwater Photography & Video
  • Night and Limited visibility
  • Underwater Scooter/DPV
  • React Right(FA,CPR,AED,O2)

-other certificates:

  • Dry Suit diver
  • Aqualung Certified Equipment Maintenance
  • Boat Captain License
  • Sailing boat Skipper license
Dias greatest love since his early childhood has been the vast blue sea. A major role for this is the fact that he comes from a family that has dedicated their lives to the commercial and military navy. He has been sailing since the age of 9, diving since the age of 13 and since as long as anyone can remember he’s had a mask and a snorkel attached to him! He started his studies at the Technical University of Crete in the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering but he never finished due to the fact that his heart belonged with the sea. With over 6000 dives in Greece and around the world – Dias has worked as a sailing/motor boat Skipper, Divemaster, Instructor and manager in respectable dive centers throughout Greece. A great instructor with an emphasis on safety – Dias will make your diving experience unforgettable!



Alonissos, Alonnisos, Alonissos Triton Dive

Iliana Gialama

Our SSI instructor – always calm and serene, Iliana is the perfect instructor for new divers. Her love of the underwater is what she loves to share!





Nationality:   Greek

Born:     1989

Speaks:     Greek, English, German, Basic French

SSI open water instructor Specializes in:

  • Perfect Buoyancy
  • Scuba Ranger Instructor
  • Stress and Rescue 
  • Nitrox
  • Dive Guide instructor
  • Marine Science Instructor


  • Mares Service technician
  • Speed Boat license
  • Basic free diving instructor

Iliana graduated from the University of Western Macedonia with a Bachelor in economics and international relationships.  However, as she’s been working in tourism since 2008 it was only natural that she would pursue a career in this field. Her love of the outdoors had her working as a hiking guide in various locations around Europe but when she tried scuba diving… that was it!!  She found her true love in the underwater and has since qualified and worked as a scuba instructor.  Her calm personality comes across immediately which makes her perfect for nervous first time divers and children.  Iliana always states that the best reward for an instructor is the smile of first time divers which she will never tire of!!  Iliana is also keen on marine conservation and is a volunteer in several marine projects.  When she’s not in the water (which is rarely) she loves to travel, hike, read, cook and generally be outdoors.

Alonissos, Alonnisos, Alonissos Triton Dive

Efthymis (Tim) Gkantis

Our PADI instructor – fun loving and adventurous! Our outdoors man…..Tim has taught in many dive centers and his passion for diving is contagious!





Nationality:   Greek

Born:     1984

Speaks:     Greek, English, basic Italian

PADI Master Scuba Diving Trainer Specializes in:

  • Emergency First Response Instructor AED/ O2 / CPR
  • IDC staff instructor
  • Deep dive Instructor
  • Emergency Oxygen Provider Instructor
  • Equipment Specialist Instructor
  • Underwater Navigator Instructor 
  • Wreck Instructor 
  • Enriched Air Instructor
  • Dry suit Instructor
  • Dive Against Debris Instructor
  • Peak Performance Buoyancy Instructor
  • Night Diver Instructor
  • Search and Recovery Instruction
  • Digital Underwater Photography Instructor
  • Underwater Videographer Instructor
  • Project Aware Instructor 
  • AWARE Coral Reef Instructor
  • Care For Children w/ AED Instructor
  • Delayed Surface Marker Buoy Instructor
  • Diver Propulsion Vehicle Instructor
  • Drift Instructor
  • Fish Identification Instructor


  • Tec Instructor
  • Cressi Certified equipment
  • Tecline certified equipment
  • Mares certified equipment
  • Speed boat license
  • Sailing Skipper
  • Free Diving Instructor

Tim has a Bachelor degree in science Marketing and management and after working in the field for a number of years he decided to pursue his passion for scuba diving and made this his new career.  With over 700 dives, Tim’s love of the underwater world comes through in his teaching… wanting to share his love with as many people as he can! He is calm and has a great sense of humor putting all his students at ease from the very start. He is constantly improving his skills and continues his training in the winter months.  Tim is an avid sportsman and loves hiking, canyoning, freediving, kayaking and cycling. When he’s not in the water you can usually find him in the mountains!

Alonissos, Alonnisos, Alonissos Triton Dive

Nikoletta Efstathiou

Our PADI instructor  – Nikoletta is always smiling and putting everyone in a good mood – she spends more time in the water than on dry land!!





Nationality:   Greek / Canadian

Born:     1993

Speaks:     English, Greek

PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor

Specializes in:

  • Perfect Buoyancy
  • Deep Diving
  • Enriched Air Nitrox
  • Search and Recovery
  • Night Diving
  • Navigation
  • Emergency First Response (First Aid infant/child/adult& Care for Children) 

Nikoletta was born in Athens and has an Architecture degree from the University of Toronto in Canada with a minor in Environmental Studies.  Her love for scuba diving has led her to certify as an instructor and to work in diving in addition to continuing her studies in the field of architecture. With over 500 dives, she passionately shares her underwater knowledge with other divers!  Nikoletta has been spending summers on Alonissos since she was a little girl and her knowledge and love of the island comes through immediately!  In addition to diving, Nikoletta loves camping, reading, traveling, designing and learning about environmental conservation.


These are the brave souls who have decided to change their lives, join us on our beautiful island in Greece and learn to become Diving Professionals.  If they look tired they are…… If they look like they have been shouted at…they probably were, and if they look scared…. then they haven’t been studying for their exams!!!!!

Alonissos, Alonnisos, Alonissos Triton Dive

Fabien Meunier

Dive Master in training – Fabien is our travel expert! He’s traveled all over the world and he’ll sit still for the summer as part of our great team!

Nationality:    French

Born:     1975

Speaks:  French, Italian, English (basics in Spanish and German)

  • Advanced Open Water
    Third level Apnea Academy

Fabien has a Masters in Management of Medium and Small Companies from a French University and has been working with large Financial Institutions for the last 20 years in several countries (Ireland, UK, Italy and Luxembourg) A few years ago, Fabien took a 1 year leave from work to travel around the world and volunteer in some of the poorest countries on earth (Bolivia, Ecuador, Laos, India, just to name a few).
Fabien learned to dive at the age of 14, but seriously went into diving just 10/15 years ago when he started to get qualified. In parallel, he discovered the world of Free diving. His motto is “Life is too short”, so after so many years in the banking business and a gap year traveling around the globe, it was time for him to seek new challenges and train to become Dive Master and then pursue a career as a dive instructor where he will share his passion for diving with others. When he’s not diving – Fabien loves traveling, meeting new people, experiencing new cultures and is very interested in ecological movements and sustainable growth

Alonissos, Alonnisos, Alonissos Triton Dive

Ricardo Torrao

Dive Master in training – Ricardo is our rocket of energy! He’s always on the go and his sense of humour is out of this world!

Nationality:    Portuguese / South African

Born:     1991

Speaks:     English, Portuguese, Basic Spanish

  • Advanced Adventure Diver Nitrox Speciality

Ricardo was born in South Africa and comes from a family mix of Portuguese and Dutch. From the age of 12 he pursued a football career which took him to a professional level in Portugal, China, Germany and the UK.  His great passion for the outdoor lifestyle was discovered through his career at Red Bull Energy.  His first dive in Thailand made him realize he had another great passion which is Scuba Diving. A Bcom Business Management & Marketing degree holder – he has taken time off from his Digital Marketing Diploma to join us for the summer as a Dive Master trainee!  Ricardo loves good times with friends and the sea life. He is the energy ball you need for a good and unforgettable time. He lives life on the edge !

Alonissos, Alonnisos, Alonissos Triton Dive

Thomas Fischer

Dive Master in training – Τhomas is our computer expert whom we can’t keep out of the water! Outgoing and friendly… he’s a whirlwind of energy!

Nationality:   German

Born:     1988

Speaks:     English, German, Spanish

  • Advanced Adventurer SSI

Thomas was born in Togo to German and Argentine parents. Eventually he ended up living in Honduras, where he spent his childhood summers snorkeling the reefs of the Caribbean. Since then his dream of venturing farther and deeper into the ocean began taking form. After moving again, this time to Argentina, he spent some more years exploring the opposite ends of the world while trying to conquer the heights of the Andes. Currently holding a degree in Computer Science, he has decided to take some time off and come to Alonissos to pursue his long held dream of becoming a dive professional. Besides diving he can also be found enjoying all sorts of other activities like sailing, hiking, climbing, dancing, cooking or even reading a good book.

Alonissos, Alonnisos, Alonissos Triton Dive

Stefano Mitta

Dive Master in training – Stefano is our over and underwater photographer! The creative member of our team!

Nationality:   Italian

Born:     1980

Speaks:     English, Italian, French

  • CMAS 2
Stefano is a free spirit and has a huge hunger for adventures, challenges and is in love with the beauty of the world. He would rather be on a remote mountain or island than in crowded places. Stefano is a former swimmer and lifeguard and had his first dive when he was 16 years old – that is also when he got hooked on the underwater world and diving! Born and raised in a mountainous region – it was only natural that he become a snow sports instructor. After years spent it on the ski slopes, Stefano is ready to begin a new chapter in his life with us this summer!  In his spare time he free dives and rock climbs and his passion is photography and cars.